Business Development & Partnering

At MDimune, we are passionate about changing the world by developing innovative therapeutics.

Business Model

Through global collaboration based on the BioDrone™ Platform, we focus on the research and development of gene therapy therapeutics for anti-cancer and central nervous system (CNS) treatments, and rare diseases.
Business Domain
  • Anti-cancer & CNS (including Rare disease)

  • Global Collaborations

  • Gene Therapy (mRNA, siRNA, miRNA, etc.)

  • PIDO (Platform Inside Development Outside)

Extensive Collaborations
  • Discovery
  • Pre-clinical
  • Clinical stages
  • Sub-license Out

    Promotion of business development through cooperation with partners Multiple platform royalties

  • Collaborative Pipelines

    BioDrone® Platform based externally parallel processing of multiple pipelines

  • Global Open Innovation

    BioDrone Award (domestic) Global platform technologies (Targeting, CNS, etc.)

Core Competences

  • 01 BioDrone™
  • 02 Collaborative

(Platform Inside,
Development Outside)

  • 01 BioDrone™ Platform
    • Bio-compatible: Based on Human cell-derived vesicles(CDV)
    • Highly scalable drug cargo: mRNA, siRNA, Peptide, etc.
    • Specific tissue targeting through cell and CDVs surface engineering
    • Holds the original patent for the extrusion method that solved the low scale-up issue of EVs
  • 02 Collaborative Pipelines
    • Bio-customization Strategy

      Customized CDVs therapeutics optimized for various diseases and targets

    • Risk-hedged Joint Pipeline Development Strategy– ‘PIDO’

      Based on extensive global network in the clinical and manufacturing fields, MDimune handles multiple pipelines with reduced risks and minimized resources through external collaborations

BioDrone™ Collaboration system

01 02 03 04 05 06
  • 01 Scientific Advisory Board (Pre-clinical Research Consultation)

    Dr. Mario GimonaㅣProfessor, Paracelsus Medical University Dr. Eva RhodeㅣProfessor, Paracelsus Medical University Jin-Keon Pai, Ph.D.ㅣCEO, PAIJIN BioScience Inc. Minhyo Seo, Ph.D.ㅣVice President of R&D, Samyang Biopharm Corp.

  • 02 Preclinical Trials

    K-BIO HEALTH OSONG Medical Innovation Foundation, QuBEST BIO, Biotoxtech, Axis Bio (UK)

  • GMP Manufacturing Process Development

    Paracelsus Medical University, Stratec, L****, Celonic, Cytiva

  • 04 Domestic Joint Research

    Ildong Pharmaceutical, REYON Pharmaceutical, Asan Medical Center, POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology), Inha University, Konkuk University, Korea University, The Catholic University of Korea

  • 05 Overseas Joint Research

    L**** (Switzerland), E****** (France), ExonanoRNA (US), Evercyte (Austria), Navigo Proteins (Germany), Vect-Horus (France)

  • 06 CRO Licensing and Patent Strategy

    MEDITIP, MJ International Patent Law Firm, JUNGJIN Intellectual Property Law Firm, PharmaVentures


  • Early-stage Discovery
    Explore advanced technology to integrate into BioDrone™ platform
  • Global Pharma/Biotech
    Co-develop BioDrone™ to the commercial level
  • Seeking open innovation and co-development opportunities for gene therapies (siRNA, miRNA, mRNA)
  • Especially interested in partnering with companies with CNS targeting capabilities that would be compatible with EVs.
  • Open for co-development opportunities with Biotechs or Pharmas looking to load payloads through the novel bio-safe DDS(Drug Delivery System) to advance into clinical stages.