At MDimune, we are passionate about changing the world by developing innovative therapeutics.

To not just be another company, but to be an integral part of our community

With the rapid increase in the aging population and urbanization, the prevalence of cancer has increased worldwide. The global efforts to fight cancer has become even more fierce. Although cancer therapeutics have greatly improved, there are still innumerable patients suffering from lack of efficient treatment. MDimune Inc. was founded to bring hope to many suffering patients by providing more efficient cancer therapeutics. We utilize the innovative therapeutics platform called BioDrone® Technology, which leverages cell-derived vesicles (CDVs) obtained from various human cells to achieve highly target-specific drug delivery. We also strive to expand the BioDrone® Technology platform to address a wide range of debilitating human diseases, such as osteoarthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and neurodegenerative diseases.

Our vision is to develop innovative therapeutics to build a healthier and happier society. We are committed to this noble mission and hope to accomplish it by optimizing our proprietary BioDrone® Technology platform to achieve an unprecedented accuracy for drug delivery in the body.

Thank you!

Who We Are

To bring hope to many patients suffering from debilitating diseases by developing innovative therapeutics.
To develop the first-in-class BioDrone® therapeutics by 2025
Core value
    Think and act differently

    To be a company that passionately focuses on creating meaningful innovations and achievements that can change the world.

    Thrive with integrity

    To prosper as and remain an integral part of society through the continual development of employees and by maintaining honesty and integrity.

    Build a caring community together

    To fulfill corporate social responsibility towards building a caring community by sharing profits, not only with its shareholders and employees but also with the community.